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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Name Changes

Hello Again!

It's been just over a month since we got married, and it feels good. The name changing process has and is definitely... a process. My driver's license finally came back, but we're still waiting for his. Our social security cards came right away, and thus far have been the most painless part of the journey from one last name to another. We are still waiting for Justin's driver's license, as he had to bring in multiple documents (wedding certificate, birth certificate) and take a driver's exam for our state. He had to go back to the DMV THREE TIMES to try to get his license, and each time they would tell him he needed another document. Apparently they don't give you a nice little list of what you need the first time you go, they tell you each item individually. Dumb. But he passed his test and so hopefully we'll get his ID soon.

We need it to change his name with the bank, and then add me to his bank account. Then I can get a new debit card and checks that match my ID. In the meantime, I carry both my old and new driver's license, along with the application for it as none of my cards match my new name. You have to call a number on each card for them to send you a new one, but my bank account name won't match...argh. They should really have an easier way of making the transition. Last night someone checked my ID with my debit card for the first time since I got my new ID, and she asked me if I had recently changed my name. I said yes, and she let me make the purchase. I was a little worried for a minute that I was going to have to dig out my old ID or something, but I guess she accepted what I said. It must be my honest face. (What does that even mean?)

I really like being able to say "my husband." Hearing "wife," however, gives me pause. As does anyone saying my new last name. My brain is slowly tuning into listening for it, but I still respond more readily to my old name. When giving my name to people, I have to think about which name I should give them based on their relationship to me. I appreciate anew why some people keep their birth names.

So that's most of the new stuff with me. I need to go riding more, and schedule it like an appointment. Otherwise I'm too lazy to get up and go.

What's new with you?

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