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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Things that are Keeping Me Up at Night

Yesterday, I became the proud owner of my very own house.  I barely slept last night.

I stared at the ceiling in my rented bedroom, terrified that in the morning, I would buy the wrong paint colors.

Not just the wrong colors, but terrible colors that I would regret for years to come, but be unable to afford to fix.  I spent $280 at Menards today, buying paints and stain and painter's tape and steel wool and tiny rollers and varnish and I really, really hope it all works beautifully.

We are painting all of the ceilings of the main floor of our house, as well as the downstairs bedroom/office, and then as much more ceiling as we have paint.  This is actually called "ceiling white," paint designed to be on the ceiling of rooms.  I didn't know they made that.

The back wall of the dining room and living room are going to be Brilliant Blue, color 51B-6 at Pittsburgh Paints. (All of our actual colors come from this company.)  The rest of the dining room, living room, both entry ways, and the hallway between the kitchen/living room/master bedroom are going to be Haunting Hue, 51A-1.  Brilliant Blue is a deep, sortof royal blue and Haunting Hue is a pale, misty blue.

The kitchen is going to be Songbird, a cheerful medium shade of blue. 52A-2.  The cabinets are going to be stripped and painted white.

Then, to make our bedroom special and its own space, we moved out of the blue zone.  And into... brown. With yellow.  The brown is chocolatey, 24C-5, but called Chippendale.  You know, for all of the strip teases that happen in the bedroom.  That will be the color of the little wall nook between our closets, and one wall.  The rest will be the warm yellow of Lazy Daizy, 13A-3.  We have a lot of art with sunflowers, and I think it'll look really good in our room.

We are also going to refinish our antique mahogany dining room table and chairs.  It has needed to be redone for over ten years, and we are finally going to do it.  I also plan on reupholstering the dining room chairs, and found a beautiful creamy microfiber fabric that would look lovely.  Unfortunately, people keep telling me that our pet hair and future children are going to ruin the creamy fabric and that I should choose something else.  I just keep picturing the chairs with the fabric that I found, which was what I had in mind before even going to the fabric store.  I guess I could go with something else, but I really like the idea of the soft, pale fabric.  I think it would look beautiful, and pet hair can be taken off, right?

I should probably choose something else.  Or should I say, screw it, if it gets ruined I'll fix it later?

These are the things that keep me up at night.

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