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Monday, March 18, 2013

Home Away From Home

Like many riders, my barn is my second home.  In past posts I've talked a bit about my barn owner/manager, whom I call "Silver" on this blog.  She is a kind, knowledgeable horsewoman who takes wonderful care of my boy.  When Rocky had to be on stall rest for 5 days, have his leg wrap changed twice a day for 3 days, and get two shots of penicillin a day for 3 days, she took care of all of it for me for free. I didn't have to pay anything extra for the additional care or for getting a stall when I pay pasture board. Besides that, she pays attention and will adjust feed to keep horses at a healthy weight, switch horses into different pastures to keep everybody safe, and will call me if Rocky seriously injures himself.

For Silver alone, I love my barn. She keeps the barn drama free; I have never experienced a nasty boarder at her barn, or missing equipment, or anything less than the care I would give.

The great thing is, there are more things to love about my barn than just the barn owner and her anti drama policy.  The horses live in pastures with shelter, automatic waterers, and round bale feeding. The fencing is brown wide electric tape with wooden posts.
This is the front pasture :)
There is a round pen, outdoor arena, and riding trails on the property. Every boarder also has a tack locker and saddle rack:
On the end is where winter blankets hang until use, lockers are labeled with boarder's names and each saddle rack has a place to hang your bridle next to it.  If you have read past posts, you've seen the arena:
and the round pen:

This is my Home Away From Home. 

And in case you're keeping track, Equestrian Question #8 of 30 has been answered, "A bit about the barn/stable you ride at."

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