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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hungry for Summer

Today I finished the outline for my senior seminar paper.

My goal is to write about Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) and how it may be effective with Spanish-English bilingual clients. I wish I spoke Spanish- that's on my to-do list for someday. I took French in high school instead of Spanish for a few reasons.
1. Almost everyone else was taking Spanish
2. My last name is French, and I have French-Canadian heritage somewhere in my mixed pedigree.
Plus, French is gorgeous- like wiping your ass with silk, I believe a villain in one of the Matrix movies says. Anyway.

I finished my outline, and I am sincerely hoping it passes my Professor's inspection. Someone who was in one of her past senior seminars told me that she made them completely redo their paper. Completely redo a 25 page paper. I think I would have an aneurysm. Although, considering the way Prof P organizes her seminar, I would think that the person really had not utilized any of the resources offered. Still, a part of me panics to think it could happen to me, who procrastinates as a rule.

It has been raining for three or four days now. Which has been good in that I have not wanted to go outside and so have worked on my outline more than I may have otherwise, but I am ready for it to stop now. I am hungry for summer.

I want the jade grass in a thick blanket, the hot sun cooled by a light breeze, the sky shock blue with clots of white. I want to saddle up my horse and go for a run, or meander down a trail. Go swimming. Reeeelax. I really want to be done with school. I am not an academic; I enjoy learning most of the time but I hate essays. This I feel is ironic, considering I used to be an English major. I think that was a misguided attempt to do what I thought I was best at, reading trashy novels and writing (but never finishing) crappy stories. I found out I could still do those things but without the awful British Literature and constipating drones of essays. I also discovered how much I enjoy poking around in people's minds. My English major dropped to a minor because I was so close to finishing it anyway, and I decided to pursue the minds of the world.

I became a Psychology and Liberal Arts for the Human Services major, a horribly long title that confuses everyone. They should've just stuck with Human Services, something people can understand and that doesn't come out in a headlong rush.

I am still hungry for summer, but my horse is hungry for his dinner. He's going to be cranky since he's been standing in the rain all day long... I will rub his neck and tell him he's a good boy more than usual tonight.

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