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Thursday, March 11, 2010

I Hate My Neighbors

I hate my neighbors.

The laundry list of shit they have done:
1. Have a party on a Tuesday night during finals week that started at midnight and went until 5 am. I know this because the party goers woke me up coming in, throughout the party, and for the hour or so they jabbered on their way out the door. I could smell the reek of pot smoke, cigarettes and alcohol from my room, as well as hear one of the party goers exclaim, "Yeah dude, he totally dropped it on the front porch!"
2. 2-3 times a week, getting home really late at night and waking me up, stomping shoes and talking.
3. One of them stole my cat. She took Bennett overnight without telling me or my boyfriend. I accidentally left the door to the laundry room we share with them open, and I assume Bennett wandered in while I was gone. I returned and she had disappeared, but one of them had come and gone in the meantime. We (my boyfriend and I) searched for her for hours, sobbed in each others' arms before trying to sleep, and got up through the night to call for her. We thought she had gotten outside somehow and was now lost, scared, and alone. The next day we got up with swollen eyes and made Lost Cat posters, put them up around town. I was sitting at my computer around 3pm the next day when I heard a scratch coming from our laundry room door. I opened it and Bennett trotted into our house with an indignant meow. I had searched that small room many times, checked it for nonexistent escape routes, and we both went through it countless times to call for her out our back door. She always comes when she is called. The only thing that makes sense is that our neighbor came into the laundry room, took our cat, and then returned her the next day. Without telling us.
4. They do laundry all the time, which makes it difficult for us to get a load in. Today we put one in, came back, and it was sitting, wet, on top of the dryer. There was nothing in the washer, just a tiny load of white towels sitting fluffed in the dryer. I am currently tempted to take them outside and stomp them into the lake of mud that is our parking pad.

Okay, so I don't hate both of my neighbors. Mostly the one who stole my cat.

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