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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Life Update

It has been an eternity since I wrote last. Much has happened! I like lists, so I'll make one!
1. We have a new cat! His name is Fox, and he's an orange striped tabby we adopted from an animal shelter. He is boisterous and loves attention when he is not busy playing or wrestling with Bennett, who by the way, loves him. She was mad at me for a while for getting him but I think she's getting over it. Fox and I have the same birthday, according to his records from the shelter.
2. I have a wedding dress! And tiara, necklace, and earrings! Plus, I got my ears pierced, which wasn't nearly as painful as I had dreaded it to be.
3. Most days I love my job. Today we ate candy and watched Zombieland to celebrate Halloween. Every day isn't like that, but the point is, there are some days when I get paid to watch movies and have fun with teenage girls. Plus, there's the whole "helping change someone's life for the better" bit that always feels good, and making important connections to the students. It's never boring!
4. I love where I board Rocky. They take excellent care of him, are very kind, and I don't have to worry about him. My mom might be buying one of their horses, which would be AWESOME!
5. We are going to look at trying to buy a house. I'm incredibly excited and a bit nervous about it, but I am praying we can find a house in our budget that we like, in a good neighborhood, and that we can move into around March or April...
6. ...for several reasons. One, our lease is up in April where we are now and the neighbors are crazies. They have woken us up yelling and have started smoking again, which in summer blows right in the windows. Gross. Two, I really, REALLY want to get a dog, and our landlords won't let us have one. Three, Captain is breeding in January and the puppies should be ready to go around May. My birthday month. Coincidence? I think not.

Life today is good.

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