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Friday, June 4, 2010

Not to Worry

It's crazy to think that, for the next indeterminate amount of time, life will continue on largely as it is. I will go to my job four days a week, work for 8 hours and then- the rest of that time is mine. 32 hours a week are accounted for, 34 with team meeting. That leaves me 5 days and 16 hours of freedom a week with no homework, nothing else scheduled that I have to attend.
It's wonderful. I sleep in every morning I can, cuddled next to my fiance with my cat curled over my leg. This morning I woke up with her perched on my shoulder, one paw outstretched to knead my pillow. I woke up because one of her claws poked my upper lip as she attempted to touch the pillow. She purred with her eyes closed and a smile on her face when I opened my eyes to see what had jabbed my face. It's hard to be irritated with such content- especially when she's so happy just to be with you.
I miss some of my Morris friends though, and being able to see them every week or randomly throughout the day. I don't have many friends up here- just one that I would see regularly if possible. The other doesn't seem to care that I exist, and never initiates conversation. I am anxious about running into her and it being awkward- we'll see.
I also miss taking care of Rocky every day, just as I had anticipated. Still, I love going to see him. He remembers me and is happy to see me; yesterday he waited for me at the gate to his pasture with his ears perked up. He's an absolute sweetheart and his neck is silky soft right now. I hope he is doing well in the rain and that Randi took his fly mask off- it's stuff like that that makes me itch to take care of him myself. Is she doing everything the way that I would? Maybe not the same way I would, but I trust he is well taken care of and remind myself not to worry.

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