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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wedding Day, The End

Sorry it has been so long for me to write the end of my cliff hanger wedding day post, honestly, I haven't wanted to write it. There just seems to be many details that I could write and I don't feel like I can do the tension and joy of the day justice. But I'll just lay it out.

We got married in my parents' front yard, and it was gorgeous. The Tower's trees were mostly green, and we were married under a brilliant red maple tree, with a yellow maple nearby.

In order to let people know about the change of wedding venue, we made phone call trees for both sides of our families, and then went through our cell phones calling everybody who wasn't a blood relative and who needed to know. All but two people made it on time, and the two that missed said that they had a wonderful time touring the gardens at the Tower. Our DJ said that it was the only time he has ever done a wedding venue change in 3 hours.

Other than that, things went off without a hitch. The only other thing that happened that made me squinchy was when someone asked if we were actually married or not because our minister was a woman. It made me angry to hear it but I let it go and just told them that yes, we were legally married now.

Many people said that they had a great time dancing at the reception, the food was delicious and the music was great. I danced a lot and had fun laughing with my husband and his awesome brothers- who, by the way, can really dance!

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