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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Happy Tuesday!

Hello All! It seems I have lost my small Russian following... isn't the internet amazing? I can see where in the world people are reading my blog, and for a while, Russia was lit up! Even more exciting, I don't know anyone there! Perhaps they were reading because they like Oprah. My post that mentions her has been my most popular post yet. Perhaps if I want to get a larger following, or at least more site views, I should just name drop!

Naw. I don't care enough, and I'm not writing this to be a gazillionaire. Not that I'd turn that down, but this blog is for shits and giggles. Who put those two things together? Who thought, "Hey, if I want an analogy for having fun, I should say... 'shits and giggles.' Good times." People are weird.

I'm having applesauce for lunch. I just looked at the jar, and it's apples and water. And I'm also having a glass of water. I feel like my glass of water is superfluous given my applesauce ingredients, but I still want it. I'm eating the sauce straight out of the jar, too, with our large dinner spoons. As opposed to our small dinner spoons? They aren't soup spoons, but I can't think of the fancy term for small dinner spoons. I'm so rebellious- eating my applesauce straight out of the jar. Now if you ever come to my house and want applesauce, you'll know my spit is probably in it. Not that I snorted up a lougie (loogie? loogy?) in it, just the saliva remnants on the large dinner spoon I'm using. Justin doesn't like applesauce, so I feel entitled to eat it however I want. Until I get too far down in the jar to reach with my spoon. Maybe I'll switch to a wooden spoon then. Save on dishes, you know.

So, updates. Bennett was doing well on her expensive food and pill diet, and then she went off the pills about two weeks ago. Since then, she's returned to pooping outside the litter box and vomiting. I'm thinking it's the pills that were doing their trick, then. I called the vet yesterday and got her a refill. She promptly threw up the first little bit of pill-and-soft-food she ate, but finished that portion later in the night without issue. So far, no poop or vomit today!

Bear is trying to play with me right now as I sit on the floor, on a laptop. His nose is cold and wet and he likes when I blow my nose. I'm really loud when I do (genetically loud...) and he is SURE that means I am doing it to mess with him. He's tall enough to pet with my fingertips standing up and he was 72 pounds at his last vet visit. He also turned 1 year old on December 26! Bear is a sweetheart.

Ok, I think I'm going to leave and go riding now. Which, by the way, Rocky is doing really well! I have been working with him every day for the last 4 days and wow, improvement! It just goes to show me how much consistency matters. Today I am going to try going out on a little solo trail ride. I'm hoping I don't get hurt, but he did so well yesterday I want to try. Ooof, it makes me nervous thinking about it but we can try. That's probably why I am still here, stalling and babbling on the internet. Eating my applesauce.

Oh, and don't worry, I'm not becoming anorexic or anything. I usually eat more than applesauce for lunch. Today is a weird day. I'm reading "Unbearable Lightness" by Portia de Rossi, and it's making me a little paranoid about my eating habits. It's about her struggles with eating disorders, and it's a bit shocking. Good read, it really gets into the psychology of eating disorders, but wow. It makes what I eat in an average day look like pure gluttony. When a stick of 5 calorie gum becomes a "special treat" that you feel guilty about "indulging" in, you have a problem. (Not me, that's part of the book.)

Alright, I'm off. Wish me luck!

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