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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Disclaimer Aside

Today's post is going to be a bit random, and likely not very horse related.  Disclaimer aside, I have little snippets of things I would like to say, that would not make a good individual post but will add up to one, probably weird and hopefully not horrendously boring...thing.

I saw Les Miserables with a friend last week, and it was very good.  I have now added the soundtrack to one of my Pandora stations, and Pandora insists that almost every song is now from Les Mis.  I just went through four songs in a row that were from the movie, and all I really wanted to hear was Red and Black, and Can You Hear the People Singing? Or whatever they're called.  I woke up this morning with Red and Black in my head, except I couldn't remember what came after the colors, so I tried to make up lines.  "Red... the color of...scarlet hues!  Black! serious as a heart attack!"  Yeah. I think the original lines were better.

I am really excited to see Hansel and Gretel this month. I'm not sure what day it comes out, but I'm hoping it's not as terribly disappointing as Snow White and the Huntsman.  I got a free movie pass after seeing Les Mis, because there was something wrong with the movie projector and the screen had this weird red tinge to it.  At first, I thought it was part of the Will Smith movie they were previewing about the future, but I guess it wasn't.   The movie ended up starting 10 or 15 minutes late, which was good because I was 5 minutes late to the movie and got to chat with my friend in the beginning instead of stage whispering an apology and then shutting my face.

I discovered something a little odd about my friendships the other day.  Many of my friends have moved away from our hometown, or we all graduated college and went back to our respective corners of the world.  I am not the best at keeping up with people, but will occasionally realize I haven't spoken to someone in ages and send them an electronic note of some kind (read: Facebook message or wall post).  Maybe my taste in friends is generally terrible, with a few good exceptions, or maybe I am easily left behind, but most of my friends do not respond.  Rather, they seem to drop off the face of the Earth, never to say hello again.

Indeed, people whom I valued greatly have ceased contact with me, almost as if I have done something terrible?  By "people," I am referencing at least five people that I can think of right now.   By contrast, a girl that I stopped being friends with in elementary school wanted to friend me on Facebook.  To explain the oddness of this a bit further, I stopped being friends with her to her face- I told her that we are not friends anymore because she treated me terribly.  She would give me the silent treatment for the rest of the day if I said or did anything that she decided she didn't like that day.  I would beg her to resume speaking with me but she would coldly refuse until I had sufficiently groveled.  I hate to think of those days still, and have vowed to never lower myself like that for someone again- at least, not for someone who clearly had so little respect for me.  The final straw in our friendship's camel's back was when she sent me a note across the class that said "I hate you."  Nothing else, and for no reason.   That was when I walked up to her at my next opportunity and told her we were through being friends.   The rest of that year was pretty lonely.   When she Facebooked me a few years back, I was understandably startled.  See? The people (okay, person) I would be happy to move on with my life away from seek me out, and my "close friends" vanish without a word.  What gives?

I made banana bread a few days ago, and I cannot get it to be like my mom's.  I have finally accepted that, while my banana bread does not have the moist, delicious top like my mom's, it is still tasty and worth making.  My banana bread is more like... well, bread.  Dry topped but with yummy banana flavor, just add butter.   Somehow, my mom's banana (or cranberry) breads have distinctly spongy-soft top rather than a hard crust.  I use the same Betty Crocker recipe that she does, too.

My hands are cold.  Not Kristen Stewart waifishly chilled fingers due to proximity to sexy vampires.  More like, "Ohmygodwhyareyoutouchingme?!" cold.

I sliced the bottom of my pointer finger open on the side of a can of tuna last night.  I was trying to pull the tuna can top off where it was still attached to the bottom by one tiny, stubborn strand of metal.  I succeeded in separating top from bottom, but the top snapped away suddenly and left a clean cut across my finger.  It immediately welled with pink blood.  I went through three band-aids last night and have a new one on this morning so I won't keep opening it up whenever I move my finger.

I am reading Mindy Kaling's book, "Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?"  It's funny, and clever, and you should read it if you like those sorts of things.

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