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Monday, January 14, 2013

Fanciful Dreams

I have been writing stories off and on since I was a kid.  In high school and even college, I waited for someone, anyone other than my parents, to tell me that I had a "gift" and should pursue writing.  It never happened. Of course, I could pull a Michael Jordan and try to pursue it anyway- but that is only a good story if it works out.  My compromise is this blog.

Every night before I go to sleep, I write in my head until I am no longer conscious.  It's probably a bad thing that my own stories put me to sleep, but I look forward to that time every day.  The other great part of that is snuggling with my husband in our soft, warm bed, but I digress.

I have an idea for a book.  A nugget of an idea, that has been thought of by several other people.  There may even be growing interest in the type of story I would tell, but I am not sure if it has been done convincingly yet.  I doubt I could do it justice myself, which is part of why I feel comfortable sharing it with you folks.

A romance novel, complete with steamy sex scenes.  But, you gasp, that has been done! (That's what she said.)  Well, yeah, it has, but so has almost every other story idea.  I mean, come on, Pocahontas and Avatar? Same movie.  Anyway, I have a few twists to my story to make it unique.  First, the woman is curvy and overweight.  Many people have said they were doing this and made their protagonist as size 8.   Um, no, that's not at all what I am getting at- size 8 can still wear designer clothes.   I'm talking a size 16 or so that has to buy bras at Lane Bryant and eats cheeseburgers realistically- as in, she gains weight or has to exercise.  

That's step one, or twist one, whatever you want to call it.  The second?  Her love interest is skinnier than she is.  In all of the books, if the woman is "curvy," the man is built like a chiseled refrigerator who has a thing for "big" boobs.   I don't mean that the man is going to be wimpy (because who could stomach THAT?!), just more average-build.

The third?  They will have a realistic relationship.  Now, I don't mean the horrible realism of Prime, which left me wondering why in the world they had billed that movie as a "romantic comedy."  More like "depressing drama." I'm talking about having the occasional fight over something stupid, kissing in the rain when her mascara runs, etc.  The goal is charming realism.

I also want to include a scene with one of those domineering guys, super sexy in appearance but likes to control their partner in a creepy way, you know the type.  *Cough*ChristianGray*Cough* I want to portray them as not sexy when they are too controlling, and kinda rape-y.  Which is pretty much how I felt about 50 Shades of Gray. Christian and Anastasia made me want to slap them both.  Okay, maybe not Christian because he would enjoy that, so not-slap him.  But I guess Ana might get a kick out of that, too... oh, hell.

Confident= sexy, Creepy Controlling= rape-y.

I don't have much more than that at this point. Maybe I should set it during the zombie apocalypse or something.  And I already hate that idea.

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