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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Two for One!

The next Equestrian Challenge Question seems a bit silly, so I'll briefly answer it and then move on to the next question.  To start us off, how do my friends and family feel about my horse habit?  I think those of you who regularly read my blog could answer that for me, but here's your answer anyway: they are supportive. My husband occasionally wishes it cost a bit less (and let's be fair, so do I!) but everyone is in favor of me having a horse.

Let's move on.

The next question is for me to find a horse online that I would want to buy. Well, it took me about half an hour but I found one I would snatch up if I could! http://www.dreamhorse.com/show_horse.php?form_horse_id=1812277  He's a five year old Quarter horse gelding, buckskin, with trail riding and cutting experience.

He looks solidly built, pretty, athletic, and smart. He seems reasonably priced at $12,500.  After half an hour of looking at swan necked Quarter horses, horses who have clearly been run through the show mill so they lope like crabs, and Friesians who looked trained to grow hair, this guy seems awfully nice.

He's not everyone's ideal horse, but when looking at the $50,000 dressage horses or the $25,000 jumpers, I didn't really feel a "spark."  I feel like they'd be wasted with me, rather than with someone who participates in those disciplines and would drool over a horse with that type of training and ability.  Don't get me wrong, I'd gawk at them for a bit, but then I would want to put them out in a pasture with other horses or hop on them for a trail ride. Sure, some of those professionally trained pleasure horses might enjoy a spin out on the trail, but most would probably turn inside out and high tail it back to the barn.

So there he is, a horse I'd like to own given the opportunity.  I feel like I'd be able to use his abilities fairly, and I went with a "fancy" color just because I had to go for the gold somewhere!

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