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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

I'm Back! Like Arnold but with horses...

Whew! I just realized that it has been way, WAY too long since I blogged last. My job changed so I don't have excess time on the computer anymore, and time just slipped away.

My last blog entry I complained about my program ending at work and having to switch to a different department.  Since then, I quit that job (Yahoo!) and have been spending the summer working with my Dad. He has his own construction company, and it has given me a great opportunity to spend time with my Dad, get a great tan, and learn some new stuff. Now that summer is coming to an end, I'm ready to begin a real career.  I'd like to go into fashion retail, and to get started I just got a position at Younkers as a cosmetic consultant for Lancome. I have my first day of training tonight and I'm excited to get started!

Now onto the real news: also in my last blog, I talked about not going to the ACTHA ride in June due to our tight finances.  Well, I talked about it with my husband and I ended up competing anyway! I am really glad that I did because Rocky and I did very well. In fact...

Yep, that's right, we got 4th place! Which I was not anticipating because we both got 0's for timing out of one of the obstacles. I couldn't pick up a hat off the ground from horseback fast enough because Rocky kept smelling the stick and getting his head in the way, so it took us longer than 30 seconds to complete that obstacle.  I was really proud of Rocky, he was wonderful for the entire ride and all of the obstacles. There were 7 obstacles, each with the ability to earn of score of up to 20- 10 for the horse and 10 for the rider. Out of 140 possible points, we earned a score of 107 with two pluses. Keep in mind that 20 of the points I missed were for going over time and earned no points for that hat obstacle.

How was your summer?

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